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Hello and welcome!

Ich heiße Gordon, komme aus Dublin in Irland und arbeite seit 2006 in Düsseldorf  und Neuss als freiberuflicher englischlehrer.
  • Über 13 Jahre Erfahrung als Sprachlehrer für Geschäftsenglisch
  •  Bis vor kurzem Abteilungsleiter in einer führenden privaten Sprachschule in Düsseldorf für den Fachbereich Englisch
  • 6 Jahre Erfahrung als Sales Developer für Coca Cola und GlaxoSmithKline in Dublin
  • TEFL ( Englisch als Fremdsprache unterrichten)
  • TELC Prüfer A2 – C1
  • TOEIC/TOEFL Prüfer
  • Business Diplom von der open university Milton Keynes.

Real-world business experience

A business teacher with a business background is usually very difficult to come across nowadays. Not anymore!

Having worked as a sales developer in Dublin for prestigious global corporations such as Coca-Cola and GlaxoSmithKlein, I have an extensive hands-on experience in selling, marketing, negotiations, corporate communication and finance that no other business teacher in Düsseldorf or Neuss can compete with.

It is with this knowledge and experience, that I am able to work more professionally and harmoniously together with you and your company to achieve your language learning  goals.



A little bit about myself

I was born in a town called Portmarnock in Dublin, Ireland

in 1980. It was a great place to grow up but I always wanted to get away and travel and was inspired after reading a book called „Into the Wild“ when I was 16.

I first travelled and lived in Dortmund in 1998 where I worked as a barman in an Irish pub. This was a fantastic experience for me and it opened my eyes to Germany. Although my expectations were nice big mountains, huge beers, sausages and lederhosens, (nothing like Dortmund lol) I liked the people I met.

I returned to Ireland after 3 months, did my driving test and started my apprenticeship as a land and building surveyor. This period lasted 2 years, after which I worked for Coca-Cola and GlaxoSmithKline as a Sales Developer. After a few successful years with these companies, I got „itchy feet“ again. I returned to Germany, but to the wonderful city of Dusseldorf in 2006.

I worked for a few months again in an Irish pub in the Altstadt and got a job as an English teacher and eventually as Head of the English department for Sprachcaffe language school.

During the first few months, I met my now wife, Phyllis and while everything was going great, I decided to stay in Germany and really give it a shot.

Fast forward a few years, I got married and now have a young son, Jack. I decided to leave the school and set up my own business. This was pretty risky but I was and still am highly motivated to make it a success. And it is!! Since then, I have been out on my own, the hard work and time has paid off.

As of today,  I am a successful business and general English teacher, working for some multi-national companies alongside up-and-coming companies, as well as working together with some fantastic individual people. My family and I bought an apartment in wonderful Neuss and have been living here since 2016. We recently got a dog too, so I am becoming more German by the year!

So remember, never be afraid to change, take a risk or do something you wouldn´t normally do. If you give it 100%, you will see the rewards and hopefully look back with no regrets.

All the best!


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